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Navigating the road of car financing can be a journey full of questions, especially when credit challenges are in the mix. But fear not! Whether you’re curious about our tailored solutions or simply want to learn how we champion respect and understanding, our FAQ page is your trusty roadmap. Dive into a wealth of information, all designed to keep you cruising with confidence. After all, at iDrive, we believe in driving forward together – one question at a time!

Store Hours

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Credit Approval Questions

We currently don’t use banks or credit union but our customers are more than welcome to use their bank or credit union to satisfy the purchase.

Definitely. Helping customers with credit challenges is one of our expertise.

No worries! We assist individuals without credit history too

Congratulations on this step! Yes, we can certainly help you out.

Past challenges aren’t a barrier. We assist customers like you daily.

We collaborate with specialized lenders to assist you. We collaborate with our internal finance company to assist where we can.

We do upon a credit application. But approval isn’t solely based on credit score. Other factors matter too.

Financing Questions

Through our scoring model system, we can determine what dollar amount is needed for your specific situation and vehicle

We focus on manageable payments. The exact amount depends on several factors.

Most of our customers start in our Fresh Start financing and upon good payment history graduate to an Elite program.

No, we have an internal finance company that handles all our financing and customer needs.

Yes we are! We specialize in Fresh Start Financing for all types of credit.

Employment & Income Questions

Congrats on the new job! We can assist individuals with short employment histories.

Not at all. We accommodate those with unconventional payment methods

Absolutely. We work with diverse income sources.

Purchasing Questions

Drop-ins are welcome, but scheduling ensures prompt service.

Time varies, but we aim for a swift yet unrushed experience.

Certainly! We’re all about instant gratification.

Yes, regardless of the vehicle’s condition.

We like to have 2 paystubs, a utility bill showing your name and location, down payment dollars and current insurance.

Absolutely, with a valid driver’s license.

For test driving, purchasing and financing, yes.

State law mandates insurance, but we can help find affordable options.

Vehicle Questions

Currently, no. Visit us in person for the best experience.

We offer a diverse range, from Chevrolet to BMW.

2001 to near new.

Plus a quality control test drive before hitting the lot.

Of course. We welcome third-party inspections.

Our vast network sources vehicles from various channels, all quality assured.

Each undergoes our 70-point inspection and comes with a limited warranty.

Our limited warranty consists of a 30 day or 1000 miles for the internally lubricated parts of the Engine, Transmission and Drive axles. 50% on parts and 50% on labor. Dealer Obligation is $300 Max.

Outside the warranty, regular maintenance costs apply.

Let your Customer Advocate know what is going on with the issue and see what help might be available.

Not necessarily. Talk to our representative about transfers.

Prices fluctuate due to inventory dynamics and vehicle conditioning.

Review Questions

Every review is from a real customer.

We take our customer experience very seriously. We are proud and excited to offer our customers a premium experience.

Customer FAQs

Typically between 24-30 months, but it varies.

For financing queries, contact your finance company or our store for guidance.



9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM